Due Diligence Services

Unprecedented levels of mergers and acquisitions activity have been taking place worldwide. The complexity of these business dealings demand highly skilled consultants who can identify and mitigate risks, enhance opportunities and add value to every deal. MSG’s expertise delivers strategies and solutions for managing business risks in an increasingly complex business environment. We review the scope of the insurance program of the target company, including claims experience to help assess the risk and exposure of the potential acquisition. Our analyses focus on:

  • Review of high liability retentions and deductibles that may place the company at risk.
  • Discovering any possible uninsured exposures.
  • Confirming proper contractual risk transfer for products manufactured and sold prior to the acquisition date.
  • Consolidation of insurance programs of portfolio companies and if the possibility of economies of scale can be achieved. The results are typically premium savings, and broadened terms and conditions of coverage.


Private Equity

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