Risk Management Audit


MSG will conduct a thorough review or “audit” of all current property and casualty insurance policies and claims history. This audit explains your policies in understandable verbiage and not complicated insurance jargon. The audit will point out strengths as well as all areas of deficiencies of current insurance policies, binders or proposals and will include an analysis of all forms, endorsements, terms, conditions and exclusions. It will also make recommendations for coverage improvements to increase ROI while protecting business assets.

We at MSG are not duty bound to find fault in our clients’ insurance programs. The fact is when our firm is hired on a client’s behalf, we analyze the specific needs and an appropriate program is developed to assist clients with the risks they face everyday. The ultimate goal of mitigating long term catastrophic risks and protection of business assets is accomplished through our services. We assure our clients have the most optimal coverage and broadest terms and conditions available in the insurance marketplace, while enjoying the lowest possible premiums.

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