Risk Management Consulting

MSG is committed to building client confidence, satisfaction and loyalty, by protecting your assets and providing you with a competitive advantage in your business environment. To achieve these strategic goals, MSG will design a risk management program and provide the following services:

  • MSG will review, or "audit", your current risk management program and insurance policies and provide extensive recommendations to ensure that your coverage will help you accomplish your strategic goals. We accomplish this by combining our experience and knowledge of appropriate risk transfer solutions with information that we gather about your business operations.
  • Once we have reviewed your audits, we are prepared to renegotiate the terms and conditions of your insurance contracts and re-market your insurance policies. We drive competition via multiple insurers and brokers. Our marketing clout and extensive relationships are utilized to improve coverage and reduce premiums.
  • We will also provide consistent counsel of your insurance program by performing changes, conducting special circumstance analyses, managing claims, and assisting with loss control, etc.

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